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Old cameras can still hang

Remember the 10 year old camera that i have, that old worthless piece of 2003’s tecnology, well it so happens that wortless piece of technology is still worth something, and its on sale at Istock.


This simple image of a flower at noon with the bee on it was taken with the Canon Rebel 300D, a discontinued obsolete and unwanted camera.

I happen to start to like this camera a lot, you don’t have to worry about damaging or somebody stealing it, i’ts so practical.

The fun of an old camera


In a country so full of criminal activity and common theft is not unusual for someone to being worried about carriyng an expesnive dslr and even an expensiverrish piece of glass (i reckon nice glass is good on any camera)… But with my 10 year old camera i can walk along and even take a stroll knowing that i will have no big loss if it ever gets stolen, apart from a small sad tear…

The ten year old camera strikes again

I was drinking a coffee with a friend who is giving us marriage advice (FYI: i am about to get married), spiritual advice, and we were sitting in a coffee shop with the bible open, i had my old 6.3 mpx rebel from 2003 and a crappy 50mm plastic lens and… wow, here it is, the image that i liked the most:


Iso 200 natural light and a steady hand ;)

The 2014 video cam

Nowadays this is the most common sight on shooting video:

Not strange that this is the system we used for a small corporate video gig.

As far as the audio goes the results are great as long as you have a relatively good mic to record with the Tascam, 4 AA don’t last long tough, i really recommend buying the A/C adaptor for when you have access to electricity.

In this 2014 people feel that video is closer to photography that has ever been, just because the photo camera can shoot video, but in reality it just goes to show us that both still and motion require the same set of skills and open mindedness to get sweet and nice results.

PD: The pic was taken with the 10+ year old camera (the 300D, the metadata still dates the image to 1980)

The ten year old camera Pt 3

Still running along with the oldie but Goldie, the 300D that was destined to trash, now it’s very much alive and shootin’

Surprised Juanita the shy turtle walking on my grandmother’s backyard, snapped away (again with the handicap of slowness, it takes forever to power up, so slow that it almost misses this turtle):

Still with a steady hand and a 50mm @2.8 i got some nice sharpen, as well as color rendition.

Heres a 100% crop…

Low resolution but great definition, that sometimes is a dichotomy that fanboys quite can’t seem to grasp. More resolution sometimes dos not equal more definition but quite the opposite, fine glass, a steady hand and knowing the sweet spots of your lenses is key.

More images coming soon ;)

The ten year old camera Pt 2

Well finally had some time to shoot a few images and am not quite disappointed by the image quality but rather the performance, the camera is awfully slow!!! like a hungover snail, definitely a 2003 processor inside it, it could still define Kb.

That’s one disadvantage, but in the other hand if you are patient you can land some nice beautiful images.

I shot this @iso 1600 and to be honest the noise in the image is quite nice, it is not blocky or filled with color, its very much film like and real nice.

Here it is at 100%

We look down and frown and ruthlessly discard this “cheap old” low megapixel camera.

“It’s not worth it” we think, but actually (only if you are a sports photographer and need mega speed and fast focusing i wouldn’t recommend this camera at all) it can help us relax and relive the time when DSLR’s were a lot simpler… and sloooooowwwww…

Let’s give these old cameras a chance to shine again.


The ten year old camera

Found this little guy in a used bargain at Adorama, bought i for 50 bucks (the camera not the lens).

20140726-120004 p.m.-43204952.jpg

I was browsing and purchased a $1000+ expensive lens so what the heck 50 bucks more couldn’t hurt much, also were i am (El Salvador) cameras are so much overpriced so i thought, hey i could sell it for a 100 bucks and make a few while at it.

Turns out that no one wants to have a go at the 6.3 megapixel state of the art DSLR… in 2003 of course… more than ten years ago this camera was worth over a $1000, every cool college boy, yuppie and big shot businessman wanted one, and pros were looking at it as a nice little camera with good features… but… at that time, still comparing it to film (was it so long ago that this camera was released?).

20140726-120102 p.m.-43262716.jpg

Nowadays i shoot with a 6D and all L glass, great quality, great sharpness, great color but, does that make one a better photographer?

20140726-121133 p.m.-43893934.jpg

So here’s my plan, since no one wants to buy it im going to start to use it and se how well does it perform after all of this years of comming out of the production line.

So far my experience has been that the processor is awfully slow, it takes like 30 sec just to review a raw file, which i might add, it is not a .cr2 file but a weird .crw…

I’ll post some images taken with the camera soon…

Farrewell to High Pass sharpening

Sometimes the quest for the ultimate sharpness takes us into a journey of so many photoshop filters and presets that we end up forgetting what the real sharpness looks like. One of these filters is the infamous High Pass.

Basically it simulates how the image would look like if the camera wouldn’t have a Low Pass noise removing (real in camera physical) filter, which translates into something like “extreme fake sharpening”

That was my problem, so I finally I came up with the solution… A better lens…

20140724-124134 p.m.-45694644.jpg

Yup, the only solution a 24-70mm Canon L series lens…

Now there’s is no need to use any photoshop filters only a good full frame camera and good glass.

Nice trashy dawn

Ok so the dawn is nice, but that garbage just makes it look a bit trashy does’n it.

Common view in El Salvador… just keep driving.

Drones, this summer’s megablockbusters

20140721-071728 a.m.-26248604.jpg

We have witnessed the birth of a new type of tool for photography, “the drone”.

Everyone is trying to buy the latest model or the cheapest one because they want to make it big in the photography/cinematography business and hence rake in a pile load of dough.

Unfortunately for me, those are the wrong motifs, not just to buy or build a drone but for any kind of gear, the real one for us should be loving what we do and loving the opportunity to make it better, our business is not based on the amount of money we can make but how deeply satisfied we can be wit our work.