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Feel the wind

Amazingly with 300fps and a nice editor one can achieve moods such as this, very cool.

The Red camera sure is something else.

Underdog photos

Sometimes you make an image and you feel like it’s the latest and greatest, then you come back some months later, you dig it up, and come to realize that “this is crap” (or at least subpar)… it happens. Now sometimes you go back and check out the pic you’ve taken and, wow, it still looks quite nice.

Honestly most of the time i dont like my work, i just try to be honest with myself. Why is that? Maybe because i know about all of the mistakes, things that could have been improved in the image and mostly technical mistakes that the image has and only one knows about (and does a pretty good job on covering it up), but in this case, this old image from back in 2008 still holds his ground, and i might be biased but i actually like it, so here it is for all to see, and i to share it with you.

Just Bask

Sometimes there’s no need for one to think too much about tech stuff, sure it’s nice to know, but undoubtedly those things only exist so that one can produce stuff like this:


The feel is much more important in this case, technology just gets you there, and has gotten user mindrelic some good reviews in youtube, as well as a place in a Ferry Corsten video.


First approved 3D render

Well in the last couple of days I’ve been fiddling around with Cinema 4D and came up with a very simple bullet over a reflective surface render, so far so good, simple but effective.

Somehow i really think that more and more, each day photography will be heavily influenced buy  3D CGI generated elements, and will become a complete distinct animal, for photographers, videographers, editors and photoshoppers alike. This image is currently available for licensing on iStock and it’s my first render to be uploaded and approved, hopefully there will be more to come.

Canon C300

A cool and “not boring” review of the new Canon C300 digital cinema camera.

Pretty neat.

Old times sake

This guy, this guy deserves some recognition, and he has received it, by truckloads.

I believe that anybody who used to do film at any point in their lifetime are so very much, in one word “cool” and Mr. McNally (aka. Nummnuts) is.

I like how the video reminds me of how i was 8 years old, and this guy was making, already stories for NG.

Genius shoot

Contacted my friend “Michy” who is a genius, to do a portrait of herself. She currently works as an astrophysicist  in an undisclosed location.

Here is one of her images.

(seriously now, she’s no astrophysicist, she’s a good friend of mine)

Artists Wanted

Stumbled across Artists Wanted and was amazed by the opportunity that they offer to showcase your work, unfortunately i didn’t have anything redy-like  for a competition such as this, but still sent out some volleys to get a feel for it (actually found out about this 2 days before… so, for $40 it’s still worth a shot) and here they are, take a brief look at it, and specially at the great opportunity that this page offers to artists, sitting in their basements.

Check out my images by clicking on the photo below.

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New Blog

Switched to WordPress, i find it a lot friendlier than Blogger (just an opinion) i’m looking forward to share stuff with all of you.