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Disconnected for a while

Long time since i’ve posted anything… Too long.

20140712-124455 p.m.-45895647.jpg

But there is a good reason why, photography has changed (not in the fundamental way) thanks to the tools we have in these modern times.

Now a photographer has to be a computer genious, tech savvy, social media freak, software developer, UAV pilot, amongst others.

That being said, we are in the brink of being ultrabusy… All the time… Sad but true. There is one thing though, thank God we do what we love, and that we are busy doing just that.

Now the explanation why i have been disconnected from this blog for years is the above aspects of modern photography and specially the last aspect “UAV drone pilot… Err, or gunner, witchever the case may be” in a fee words, a guy who flies a thing with a camera attached to it, i began a couple of years ago and yes, it’s keeping me ultrabusy.

20140712-125936 p.m.-46776058.jpg

Just a couple of friends

We were wondering around in the afternoon, with a skateboard, in the middle of a lonely road, just a camera and a couple of friends…

This is the image that we obtained. If you like this image you can purchase it here in Getty Images.

Motion blur desired

Sometimes motion blur can be described as a defect or flaw in a photography, but there are certain cases in wich it is actually desired.

In what other way can you visually describe the movement on this dancers.

Beautiful motion, great modern dancers, nice pics.

A moment

Sometimes you spend hours and hours taking shots at an event (like a wedding) and in the editing process there is always “that” image that just draws your whole attention.

In this case the nice naturalism of this father and daughter is just right on.

Sometimes the moment is perfect, one just has to capture it.

Let’s go natural

Photoshop, or as i like to call it, the “Pimp-my-face-shop” is a program that has come to change the way photography exists nowadays, but i’m a true believer that it should exist to improve what’s there and not to exagerate it.


This candid shot here, is untouched raw and real, nice. Just a few blemishes, some color, an bam:

The same but not quite, it’s not over the top, just basic stuff. Any retouch is unique, so here’s mine.



Real Life

Upload your images to facebook or twitter and they look awesome, but hey… how can they not look awesome if they are like 5′” @ 72dpi.

In real life, and with real clients, the actual 100% view is king, one needs to achieve a good sense of the optics and sensor that is working with, iv’e learned this the hard way.

Having a 7D i assumed at first that any optic would give me the sharpness i was used to, i was wrong. The more resolution a sensor has does not mean that this will have more definition, here is where optics come to play, you might have a nice f2.8 lens but you sure can’t use it indiscriminately on any situation.

More megapixels sometime is something overrated,  what i did is i spent many hours on this site trying to find out about the sweet spots on different optics.

100% crop

It helped me a lot in the understanding of the relation between resolution (megapixels) and definition (sharpness).


Once someone said that in the life of a photographer there is an almost invisible line between work and actual life, that is true. Hence some shots from my latest visit to our folks.

Here’s grandma supervising the pouring of some coffee with a positive attitude.


The great thing here is that wether you shoot for yourself or for someone else, anyway you look at it, the more you shoot, the more you hone your skills, so it’s always good just to keep shooting.

Here’s grandpa thinking.

What it takes


We just think, hey let’s just take a picture of a puzzle, it could sell good as a business concept… yeah people love business concepts… yeah and all of the pieces could be blue… yeah and we can build it up and create different compositions from them. Simple enough, right.

Ok here’s the catch, if you have many puzzle pieces scattered around and all of them have the same color, how are you supposed to know where each one goes. Here’s what you don’t see.

All of the pieces are numbered so that way we can take apart the puzzle and then rebuild it, even if we don’t have any reference of any kind on the front. Simple low tech solution for this complex puzzle of a world.

Pop the Corn

Did a small shoot this week that required some, or lots of pop corn with buttery taste, the challenge here was not to eat all of the pop corn and not to get butter on the lens or the camera.



Sometimes people get married

Every once in a while people get married, but more than often we don’t realize that this happens all the time, people do get married all the time, so people need wedding photos all the time.


Joyful time for all, people committed to share their life. It’s a great moment to catch some of the best smiles and happy moments.

Usually to capture some nice frames it its required (i the case of weddings of course) that you take lots and lots of images, one of them just might have that perfect smile that you were looking for, or perhaps just a serene moment.

That angelical looking atmospheric light it’s actually a Sb600 held by my assistant controlled by the CLS Nikon system… simple and easy.