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The ten year old camera

Found this little guy in a used bargain at Adorama, bought i for 50 bucks (the camera not the lens).

20140726-120004 p.m.-43204952.jpg

I was browsing and purchased a $1000+ expensive lens so what the heck 50 bucks more couldn’t hurt much, also were i am (El Salvador) cameras are so much overpriced so i thought, hey i could sell it for a 100 bucks and make a few while at it.

Turns out that no one wants to have a go at the 6.3 megapixel state of the art DSLR… in 2003 of course… more than ten years ago this camera was worth over a $1000, every cool college boy, yuppie and big shot businessman wanted one, and pros were looking at it as a nice little camera with good features… but… at that time, still comparing it to film (was it so long ago that this camera was released?).

20140726-120102 p.m.-43262716.jpg

Nowadays i shoot with a 6D and all L glass, great quality, great sharpness, great color but, does that make one a better photographer?

20140726-121133 p.m.-43893934.jpg

So here’s my plan, since no one wants to buy it im going to start to use it and se how well does it perform after all of this years of comming out of the production line.

So far my experience has been that the processor is awfully slow, it takes like 30 sec just to review a raw file, which i might add, it is not a .cr2 file but a weird .crw…

I’ll post some images taken with the camera soon…

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