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The ten year old camera Pt 2

Well finally had some time to shoot a few images and am not quite disappointed by the image quality but rather the performance, the camera is awfully slow!!! like a hungover snail, definitely a 2003 processor inside it, it could still define Kb.

That’s one disadvantage, but in the other hand if you are patient you can land some nice beautiful images.

I shot this @iso 1600 and to be honest the noise in the image is quite nice, it is not blocky or filled with color, its very much film like and real nice.

Here it is at 100%

We look down and frown and ruthlessly discard this “cheap old” low megapixel camera.

“It’s not worth it” we think, but actually (only if you are a sports photographer and need mega speed and fast focusing i wouldn’t recommend this camera at all) it can help us relax and relive the time when DSLR’s were a lot simpler… and sloooooowwwww…

Let’s give these old cameras a chance to shine again.


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