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Disconnected for a while

Long time since i’ve posted anything… Too long.

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But there is a good reason why, photography has changed (not in the fundamental way) thanks to the tools we have in these modern times.

Now a photographer has to be a computer genious, tech savvy, social media freak, software developer, UAV pilot, amongst others.

That being said, we are in the brink of being ultrabusy… All the time… Sad but true. There is one thing though, thank God we do what we love, and that we are busy doing just that.

Now the explanation why i have been disconnected from this blog for years is the above aspects of modern photography and specially the last aspect “UAV drone pilot… Err, or gunner, witchever the case may be” in a fee words, a guy who flies a thing with a camera attached to it, i began a couple of years ago and yes, it’s keeping me ultrabusy.

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