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Real Life

Upload your images to facebook or twitter and they look awesome, but hey… how can they not look awesome if they are like 5′” @ 72dpi.

In real life, and with real clients, the actual 100% view is king, one needs to achieve a good sense of the optics and sensor that is working with, iv’e learned this the hard way.

Having a 7D i assumed at first that any optic would give me the sharpness i was used to, i was wrong. The more resolution a sensor has does not mean that this will have more definition, here is where optics come to play, you might have a nice f2.8 lens but you sure can’t use it indiscriminately on any situation.

More megapixels sometime is something overrated,  what i did is i spent many hours on this site trying to find out about the sweet spots on different optics.

100% crop

It helped me a lot in the understanding of the relation between resolution (megapixels) and definition (sharpness).

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