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Underdog photos

Sometimes you make an image and you feel like it’s the latest and greatest, then you come back some months later, you dig it up, and come to realize that “this is crap” (or at least subpar)… it happens. Now sometimes you go back and check out the pic you’ve taken and, wow, it still looks quite nice.

Honestly most of the time i dont like my work, i just try to be honest with myself. Why is that? Maybe because i know about all of the mistakes, things that could have been improved in the image and mostly technical mistakes that the image has and only one knows about (and does a pretty good job on covering it up), but in this case, this old image from back in 2008 still holds his ground, and i might be biased but i actually like it, so here it is for all to see, and i to share it with you.

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